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Do not Change People when you travel

by Aky on February 19, 2011

Many of us question life that why is it so hard to respect someone for what they are ? Or why do we try to change people around us ? Well it is a saddening fact that people don’t want to come through the differences and decisions, especially made by others. In a subconscious state of mind, we all believe that this world is created for us to live and any other existing person or life should only function as we want them to.

The article is though for everyone, but I am focusing more on the travelers here. When we travel different places and where we experience differences in the way of living, people and their existence. Many of us find it unusual or don’t matches your standard of living. We try to change them as we see room for improvement, and end up with arguments or ignorance. I am sharing an interesting instance happened when I traveled to Punjab, was the first time in life. My forefather lives in Satnaur Village and he is a renowned person and also a part of panchayat.


Random scene of my journey to Punjab

I traveled from a metropolitan city Delhi to a village Satnaur in Punjab, where there was a huge difference in the way of living. It was hard to accept in the first go, like bathing in open, improper toilet system and no communication and internet. I kept cursing about it everyday and one day I poured out all in front of my forefather. He kept listening, was smiling and appreciated my thoughts over his concern and said:

Change is not necessary and Survival should be the first preference.

I got silent after listening to his statement and analyzed how deeply, he meant and answered the situation. Later on, I realized that, I, being a fellow traveler, intended to make changes in their way of living. It was so obvious, as sometimes we just take people for granted and tell them how to live a life. The living in metro cities is comparatively expensive, hence it is tough for people living in villages to live-up with those standards, but believe me villages still have fresh air left for healthy living. 😉


Farmland in Satnaur, Punjab

After talking to my forefather, I got aware of many other facts about people and life style there. This tour  will always be a memorable one for me.

I will end this article, by saying, that everyone has right to live-survive  themselves and we shouldn’t force them to accept changes in accordance to our perceptions. So if you want to make travel joyous, just respect people around the globe for what they are, not how you want them to be. 😉 If you have some interesting instance or similar instance to share, you can simply post it by using the comment form below, it will be much appreciated.

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