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A Smile will cost you nothing in a Travel Journey

by Aky on January 29, 2011

A face expression is something which costs you nothing but helps you in everything. We see how people interact and express each other during our travel. For an instance we get an impression in our mind and we often react over the same. The reaction is originated by our mind depending upon the nature of impression, like sometimes we react joyously and sometimes angrily. Such a reaction leaves an impression which is reflected back to the person.


At Chandni Chowk, Delhi


I have analyzed, that we react quickly and sometimes misbehave after reading a facial expression. Sometimes, when we judge a facial expression, we give space to frustrated thoughts, which get carried away in the reaction and we hurt someone with it. I realized this morning, while walking down the streets of Chandni Chowk, in Delhi. I was with my friend, who has an ankle injury and he couldn’t walk properly. We were there to explore the colors of delhi. While walking down the street my friend just fumbled as his foot hit a low height road block and he was about to fall. But luckily he managed to balance himself and nothing major happened. He found, crowd coming from back started laughing seeing him in a funny position, which was really humiliating for him. But, he didn’t react over their reaction, instead kept smiling. Suddenly, we noticed that a guy from crowd came out and apologized to my friend. I realized that he read my friend’s facial expression and the compassion made him feel sorry on the behalf of the crowd. Me & my friend felt glad meeting the crowd, and greeted all of them luck and cheerfully started to stroll on our paths.

Well, you can just imagine how a smile turned the situation, just by exchanging a facial expression. I couldn’t stop myself to think over it again and again, as how we act silly at times which can hurt anyone-anytime. I felt lucky to be a part of the situation, and wanted to share the experience here at words of wanderers.

Feel free to express your views just by posting comments below, as I am aware of the fact that  it will cost you nothing. 🙂

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