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A Smart Guide can give you quick access to Taj Mahal

by Aky on March 12, 2011

In a recent journey to Taj Mahal, we were amongst the thousands of other travelers. We reached Taj Mahal gate around 10am, and it was surprising  to see so many people around who came from different part of the world. As being crowded, ticket counter and security check-up had long and waiting queues. With no alternative, we were standing and waiting for the turns and our curiosity to see seem to fade away. But, luckily we met a smart guide who made us look everything very easy. In this post I will share few tips to get quick access to Taj Mahal.


Long Queue for Security Check

Taj Mahal has four entry gates Main, South, East and West Gates, and usually the Main Gate is crowded and has long waiting queues.The guide we met showed us the way to South Gate of Taj Mahal which is less crowded as compared to other gates. The way to south gate from main gate is tricky to find but, roaming and exploring tiny streets is always joyous. In no time, by walking down the streets of Agra we reached the ticket counter of south gate.


Shortcut to South Gate of Taj Mahal

Shortcut to South Gate of Taj Mahal

Going by the words of the Guide, it really looked like a walk through to taj mahal. We though had to pass through the security check-up before entering the monument which was mandatory for everyone. The guide narrated and shared so many myths about the Architecture of Agra and in no time we cleared the security check post. Sigh! Finally we entered in and Thanked our guide whose smartness saved our time and energy.


Entry Gate Navigation

What next ? As we moved in to the Taj Mahal, guide began to share more stories, like one I posted of Black Taj Mahal Story. He presented everything firmly and made it looked that we are in a Wonderland. Taj mahal is a place of exploration, and still has many hidden stories which can be revealed, but I suggest you to hire a guide in Taj Mahal to kick-start your expedition to this monument.


The folks at Taj Mahal

In the end I will list some tips for you to have quick access to Taj Mahal:

  • Make your way to South Gate for Entry,
  • Separate queues for Gents and Ladies,
  • Don’t carry match box, alcohol or tobacco.
  • Hire a guide for comfortable access & Keep your Guide busy

I hope this tutorial makes you aware of the smartness you have inside. If you have already traveled to Taj Mahal then you can share us how did you made access to Taj mahal ? You can send us your feedback, by posting a comment below, it will be appreciated.

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1 Rahul May 27, 2013 at 8:00 am

Hey.. A very nice write-up. I am going to visit the Taj in the next one hour & your page really is helpful. But you should have mentioned the guide’s phone number which we could have used.


2 DNMadan January 8, 2014 at 4:48 am

AGRA!AHA Ha Ha!The very mention of Agra raises my nerves.I cleared M.Com. from St. John’s college,LL.B from Agrs College in early fiftees.Naturally,I had visited Taj Mahal several times.One very important thing your Guide missed to tell you is that on every full moon’night the moon’light at particular angle causes certain words written in Arabic sparkle/glow,which look very beautiful.Try next time.


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